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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ty Update 2/3/11

Prayers for Ty 2-3-11 Today was Lauren's turn to be the nurse as Ethan had to go back to work tonight. She and Littleman had a ok day. Labs were drawn this morning. Everything still within limits, but they are watching him closely. Lauren had some special Mom and Baby time today rocking and holding him. At times, he would get fuss...y... and want to be put in his bed. The Hemotology nurse told Lauren his bones may hurt from the medication they gave hime. Nothing a little Tylenol, his favorite movie and his bed won't cure! Tomorrow they are without a nurse again. Lauren will be with him. Ty has his first appointment at Hemotology Ofiice.
Specific prayers request:
Ty's appointment goes well tomorrow and the medication is working....He will be healed.
Lauren & Ethan's strength grows in The Lord and with each other.
Lauren & Ethan's Nursing situation gets resolved and they will have consistent nursing staff to help them care for Ty so they can continue to work and maintain some since of normalcy in their life.
The entire family.


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  1. Praying Hard for him. Still praying for a Healing! I feel so strongly He will be okay! I cant wait to meet yall at the dinner. I think My friend and I are going to try our best to make it there! Glad to hear he had an okay day! I was on my way home from little rock earlier tonight and cried on the way home praying for him! I was also in Little Rock yesterday and passed by Children's Hospital with my husband and son and couldn't help but think of him! Hes on my heart all the time! God Bless, Candace