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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ty Update 2/21/11

Naturally.....Lauren and Ethan are very concerned about their Littleman. His ANC was very low. Much lower than anticipated. The doctors started him on prophylactic antiobotics and gave Ty 1/2 the dose he normally gets of the medicine to increase his white blood count. Ethan was able to stay at home this with Lauren. Lauren is very thankful he is there. Together they make an awesome team caring for their baby. As we all lay our heads on our pillows tonight, please remember to say a pray for Ty and his Mom and Dad. Specifically pray for Ty's strength and he will remain infection free. And for Ethan and Lauren to hold onto Gods promise.

Lauren and Ethan received Ty's lab results today. :-(.... He is extremely Neutropenic, which means he is at HIGH RISK for infections. Lauren has cancelled Ty's night nurses for this week as they work in hospitals. Until Ty's labs are drawn again on Thursday and they get the results back, Lauren and Ethan ...feel it's best n...o one come over to see Littleman. Please pray our baby stays strong and does not get any infections. Lauren and Ethan love you all, as we the family do as well and know you understand. We will keep you posted. They are taking his temperature every 4 hours to monitor him closer.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matt. 19:26

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