This blog was set up by family and friends of Ethan and Lauren to help support their family through prayer and to hopefully relieve some of the financial burden that Ethan and Lauren have had to endure through this trying time. If you would like, you can donate through the button on the right and your donation will go directly into a bank account set up in their names, or you can visit any Metropolitan Bank in Arkansas and donate funds through an account set up in the name of Cynthia Sieber (Ethans's sister) We have also linked the website to a Facebook page we have set up to hopefully spread the word and have as many people praying for our little man as possible.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ty Update 1/14/11

Ty got good news today! The preliminary path report looks like it will be the more favorable kind of neuroblastoma and so far they have not seen any neuroblastoma cells in his bone marrow. We are still waiting on more definitive testing with final reports to come next week but so far so good! Praise God and thank you all for your prayers!! Love, Ethan, Lauren , and Ty

Its 2:28 AM, Ethan and Barbara are resting well at the hotel and I am with little man and will go to sleep shortly! Everything is going great and Ty is sleeping away! He is already back to crossing his little legs as he sleeps! Thank you everyone for your huge outpouring of prayers and support for our little family. We... can really feel your prayers in action and ask that you keep them coming! We love you all! ~Lauren

Pics post surgery 



  1. I am so happy to hear the good news! God is So beyond Amazing. I just feel so drawn to this little guy and his story so much for some reason. I came to know about his situation Last night after a friend of mind referred me to your facebook page! I have been praying so much for yall. I have a little boy about 3 months older then your little Ty! I know if it was my little guy, I would want as much prayer and support as well. God Bless your family! I pray Gods Hands upon Ty, for a complete healing and perfect health! Cant wait to read more good news!

  2. Our little girl, Ruby, was Ty's neighbor in the NICU at ACH for a bit following her ileostomy take down. I found your blog through a friend. I've always remembered Ty and his beautiful eyes! I'm sorry to read about the intense medical journey Ty has continued to travel. Love and peace from our family to yours. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.