This blog was set up by family and friends of Ethan and Lauren to help support their family through prayer and to hopefully relieve some of the financial burden that Ethan and Lauren have had to endure through this trying time. If you would like, you can donate through the button on the right and your donation will go directly into a bank account set up in their names, or you can visit any Metropolitan Bank in Arkansas and donate funds through an account set up in the name of Cynthia Sieber (Ethans's sister) We have also linked the website to a Facebook page we have set up to hopefully spread the word and have as many people praying for our little man as possible.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More pictures from Chicago


  1. I just love how he likes to relax with his hands behind his head and his little leg over the other. So cute!

  2. I just ran across your blog after seeing a link on facebook. As I was reading it, my little boy said "Mommy, who is that?" So I told him that his name was "Ty" and he said, "Is he at the hospital?". I told him yes and that we could pray and ask Jesus to help Ty feel better. Then, without thinking, I turned back to the blog to continue reading. In the sweetest little voice, I heard my 3 year old begin to pray and say, "Jesus, please help my friend Ty to feel better." SO, we stopped and prayed together and we will continue to do so for your family.

  3. Christina, I dont know who you are, But that sweet story just brought tears to my eyes! That is just precious! Jesus Loves when his little children come to him! :)