This blog was set up by family and friends of Ethan and Lauren to help support their family through prayer and to hopefully relieve some of the financial burden that Ethan and Lauren have had to endure through this trying time. If you would like, you can donate through the button on the right and your donation will go directly into a bank account set up in their names, or you can visit any Metropolitan Bank in Arkansas and donate funds through an account set up in the name of Cynthia Sieber (Ethans's sister) We have also linked the website to a Facebook page we have set up to hopefully spread the word and have as many people praying for our little man as possible.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ty Update 2/25/11

Today Ty experienced his first Blood Transfusion. Initially, Ty pulled out the first IV needle, therefore, delaying the process. He's a hard stick, but with skilled nurses and a cooperative baby....mission accomplished. With the procedure starting at 8:45 this morning and ending at 5:00....Littleman's day was long, but he di......d well. He had no adverse reations to the blood. He was given 1/2 unit of blood and 1/2 unit plateletes resulting in his heart rate going back down to a normal rate and his blood pressure increasing back to normal. So he should feel better soon. Rocephin was given as extra protection from infection. Littleman is back home now in his own bed, with his own toys and lovies. Ty has been confined to his bed most of his life; I feel it is where he's most comfortable. We are all so blessed....Thank you for the many prayers. Until tomorrow

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